What is nw-built?

nw-built is all about the cars and people of the Pacific Northwest automotive scene, regardless of make or model – Race prepped BMW, hard-parked Miata, or Drift S14, we’ve got it covered. We take pride in the blood, sweat, and tears that have gone into our builds, because that’s where best friends, stories, great memories are made. We’re about representing the PNW and its home garage built automotive scene: nw-built.

Our goal is to provide you with events, media content, merchandise, and an online community. You won’t find a more diverse PNW automotive site than here – some features you’ll love, some you’ll hate; we’ve got something for everyone.

Meet the Team

The nw-built team is comprised of a few close group of friends, who share the same passions: cars, photography, and the pacific northwest. Each of us are committed to providing you with premium pacific northwest automotive features and event coverage in our free time. We’re always looking for cars to shoot, so feel free to contact us or submit a feature!

Zach Taiji | Founder, Editor in Chief

I started nw-built back in the summer of 2010, with the hopes of giving local gearheads exposure by way of features. To my surprise, it quickly expanded to events, a forum, and merchandise. I never thought nw-built would be where it is today, and I owe it all to our fans. In my day job, I work as an Account Executive for a Social Media Marketing and PR Agency, freelance photography/web design by night, and in my free time I enjoy turning a wrench, drinking beer, and cooking food. You can check out my portfolio here.

Andrew Kolstad | Senior Editor & Photographer

I love cars and capturing images, so nw-built lets me enjoy both at the same time. I can’t believe how technology has allowed the cars to get crazier, while it also allows us to share our culture with the world. I used to work for a major California speedway which is where I started to prefer “GO” over “SHOW”. My images have been used in the Science & Technology, Tactical, Search & Rescue and Airsoft industries. I have a more documentarian style, but I appreciate the artistic style permeating the automotive photography world now. You can check out my Portfolio here.

Ryan Kemper | Contributing Photographer & Writer

You can check out my portfolio here.

William Tanna | Contributing Photographer & Writer

I got into cars back in 2009 with my 2005 Subaru RS, and shortly after I started taking photo’s at meets, beginning my passion for photography. Shortly after I started to do private photo sessions, then one thing lead to another and I joined the NWB Team! Where I can really expand my photography and hang out with beautiful cars! You can check out my Flickr here.

Bryce Neusse | Contributing Photographer & Writer

The formula is simple: equal parts skateboarding, punk rock, cars, cheap northwest beer, hip hop, long walks on the beach, and photography. I love all cars, but have a strange affinity for small german cars powered by lawnmower engines. You can check out my portfolio here.