StanceWars 2012

Photos by Zach Taiji, Vinnie Nguyen, and Joe Glockner. Words by Joe Glockner and Zach Taiji.

Stance has been a staple of our car culture for the past few years. Met with skepticism from many people in our scene at first – fitment, offset and camber have slowly become a key consideration of so many current builds.

Whether the weapon of choice was air or coils, the annual StanceWars event at Bellevue College gave owners of the best cars in the NW a chance to face-off for the coveted ‘barrels’.

The weather was perfect throughout the day as many people brought shorts and skateboards to the event. The turnout was great and everything felt like one big family, giving off that laid back Pacific Northwest vibe.

We can’t wait to see what next year’s StanceWars has to offer. Tons of thanks goes out to Mike Tolliver and the StanceWars crew for allowing us to attend such a great event. Until next year!

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