The Old School Reunion 2012

Words by Zach Taiji supplemented by Andrew Kolstad | Photos by Andrew Kolstad and Joe Glockner

Old School [ōld-ˈskül] – adj: “vintage; from an earlier time; retro.”

Old School in automotive terms is simply defined as a group of vintage cars dated from the 1980′s and before with a nostalgic aura. To bring many of these cars together in the Pacific Northwest, Mike Tolliver and HappenStance Event Productions collaborated to create the annual The Old School Reunion – this time for its fourth year.

What is so appealing to pre-1980′s dated cars compared to the stylistic and technologically advanced cars of the 21st century? Three words come to mind: Beauty, Simplicity, and Nostalgia – let’s take the above 1960′s BMW 2002 as an example. Upon first sight you’ll notice its simplicity of body lines; an appearance of smoothness and an accentuated crease which flows from the front hoodline, around to the rear. Obvious styling reminiscent of its era are the circular headlamps and signature BMW Kidney Grilles, which later would shape future BMW cars up to the present day.

If you grew up in the ’60′s and saw these cars on the street today, you would instantly get the feeling of nostalgia. For those that didn’t grow up back then, you must appreciate and have respect for the beauty in simplicity which evoked the era of the 1960′s and paved the way for today’s cars. Cars of this time serve as a piece of history in innovation and inspiration, and without them we wouldn’t be where we are today.

Another example of a car that has stood the test of time is the Volkswagen Beetle. It’s an iconic piece of history that dates back to the late 1930′s and is now the longest-running and most-manufactured car of a single design platform anywhere in the world. The Beetle is instantly recognized across the world through many generations, from the famous ’60′s style as pictured above, to its strikingly familiar water-cooled version of the 21st century, or even its close cousin the Porsche 911. It’s an interesting piece of culture not just for the automotive world, but also entertainment, art, and history.

The Old School Reunion featured over 200 iconic and classic cars from Volvo, VW, BMW, Saab, Toyota, Honda, and more. It was a beautiful day for a show at the Country Village Shops in Bothell – the early morning clouds burned off and the weather held up for the cruise afterwards.

“A wonderful thing about this event was to see people of all ages showing off their vehicles. Different people and clubs came together to admire one another’s work and to show off their own. The event had a friendly atmosphere and many folks were able to bring their pets and children to partake in the event.” – Andrew Kolstad

Just about each and every car could be admired both inside and out, and many were taken a step further incorporate the owner’s work such as this 1971 Gloria by Garage Autohero. With nostalgia in the air, The Old School Reunion was a perfect event for all ages to get together on a nice weekend. Many thanks to The Old School Reunion for allowing us to attend the event. Until next year!

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