V6 Toyota MR2

Photos by Andrew Kolstad / Words by Andrew Kolstad

This 1991 MR2 belongs to Charles Justin Basco from Mountlake Terrace, WA. This car would be old enough to drink if it was a person but it’s in great shape and the modest outside hides what lies beneath. For starters it’s rocking a JDM 1993 Lexus ES300 3VZFE V6, custom intake, Magnaflow Exhaust with OEM Nissan 350z exhaust tips. The Nissan tips look great on this classic import.

The car is daily driven even with Seattle’s weather. (Editor’s note: I saw photos of it in the snowmagadden we had in early Jan.) But why wouldn’t it be? It’s got traction control to deal with all kinds of city roads. This car was in its winter trim when we shot it on a rainy Seattle morning and it wasn’t just the normal mist we get it was full on raining but that didn’t stop this runabout. The car’s mild exterior hides the little techo innovations that have been installed. Most appealing to me is the fighterplane like HUD display that can be customized to display all sorts of information .

The engine looks like it could be stock and hasn’t caused problems for Charles. The power leaves the V6 and heads to the rear wheels via a 93 E153 MR2 Turbo Transmission, TRD short shifter, SPEC stage 2 clutch, Fidanza flywheel, Cusco 2-way LSD.

Externally the car has had some JDM goodies added to it. The MR2 was sold for a few more years in Japan than here in the US so he’s updated the look in a few places . The most easy to spot are the 94 JDM taillights.

The cockpit is well done with the modern electronics fit in places that don’t take away the charm of an Early 90’s vehicle. They certainly don’t look out of place when compared to a Heads Up Display. The DVD player showed some Fast and the Furious love and the shift boot is custom fabric that I’m told the ladies love.

This car is a true daily driver. Its not perfect, but the swap looks like the car came this way from the factory. I drive this car through all kinds of weather with absolutely no fucks given. Not many people drive MR2 and the reason why I chose this platform is because I believe its one of those cars from the early 90′s that just has a timeless design. I have 3 MR2 parts cars and I could rebuild this car over and over again. I love how older people always ask me what kind of car it is and what year it was made.


  • JDM 1993 Lexus ES300 3VZFE V6
  • Custom intake
  • Magnaflow Exhaust with OEM Nissan 350z exhaust tips
  • Manual ES300 ECU
  • Race logic traction control
  • 93 E153 MR2 Turbo Transmission, TRD short shifter
  • SPEC stage 2 clutch, Fidanza flywheel
  • Cusco 2-way LSD


  • Tein Monoflex coilovers with EDFC
  • Staggered Super Advan SA3R. (16×7 front, 16×8 rear)
  • Hankook ventus tires
  • Project kics lug nuts
  • MR2 Turbo brakes all around.


  • Rogue Revision 6 Headlights with Hella projectors
  • OEM 93+ front lip spoiler
  • OEM clear indicator lights
  • JDM side marker delete
  • OEM power folding mirrors
  • OEM mud flaps
  • Bomex engine vents
  • 94+ wing
  • 94+ JDM tail lights
  • Creampie stickers


  • Defi VSD HUD integrated into dash
  • Nardi Gara steering wheel with optional horn cover
  • TRD shift knob
  • Corbeau FX1 seat
  • EDFC integrated into oem clock location
  • Race Logic traction control controller integrated into climate control vent
  • MR2 Turbo rear carpet/storage box
  • Versace shift surround
  • Saber-toothed liger floor mats


  • Alpine flip up in dash dvd system w/ ipod controller
  • MB Quarts mids and tweeters w/ crossovers hidden behind passenger seat
  • Alpine type-S 4.5″ speakers
  • Clifford 2-way pager alarm w/ remote start wired into factory harness.

Future mods
(already in possession)

  • Bomex front bumper
  • Bomex front lip
  • Border front bumper
  • Rookie side skirts
  • Phoenix power rear splats
  • OEM Toyota roof rack
  • OEM Toyota fog lights
  • Recaro speed seat
  • A-tech final speed 17×9 +27 in tiffany blue (+22 and +17 with spacers),

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