Gone but not forgotten..

  • Posted on April 25, 2011
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Photos by Mark Bello / Words by Zach Taiji

This marks the first time that we’ve featured an Acura up on the blog, but sadly this is the last you’ll see it in the state you see here. Regardless, I felt that the least we could do is to feature the car since Ryan Phillps, the owner, has been involved with us for quite some time now.

Ryan comes from Tukwila, WA and bought this 2002 Acura RSX (also known as a DC5 in Japan) about two years ago. His first intentions were to keep it stock and use it as a daily driver, but you all know that obviously wasn’t going to last long. So his goal would be to create a car that stood out from the crowd.

He started with lowering it on Function & Form type 2 Coilovers, and soon after had an addiction to modding his car. After reducing his wheel gap, Ryan realized that he needed some wheels as his stock setup were “sunken battleship” status. This is what led him to get into the stance scene and it didn’t take him long to pick up a set of authentic Desmond White Regamaster’s in 17×9 +18. The stretch is 205/40/17.

Ryan then moved onto the interior and engine of the car, adding several mugen parts and a Toda Header to name a few things. On the exterior, an 05-06 rear end conversion was done as well as on 05-06 front end conversion with Mugen Lip. Simple and clean was the name of the game.

“I’d like to thank Mark B., Jason E. and Trung V. for staying up late and helping me on the car. I also would like to give a big thanks to my fiancé for putting up with me while working on my car. The only issues I had while working on it was getting over the fact that I was dumping money into an automatic but besides that, it was fun car to build.”

As I said in the beginning, Ryan has parted out the car and sold it. The great news is that he’s going to be starting out with an all new and better platform so look out for his next big project up on the blog!

Mugen Air box
Mugen Spark plug cover
Mugen Oil cap
Mugen radiator cap
Mugen Socks
JDM Valve cover
JDM dip stick
Toda Header
Stock 02-04 type s exhaust
Innovative Engine Mount

05-06 Front conversion with Authentic mugen lip
Clear Fog lights
Aspec sides
05-06 rear conversion
Type R Wing
JDM Window Visors
10K HID’s

Wheel & Tires:
Desmond White Regamaster 17×9 +18

Function and Form type 2 Coilovers
Toda Swaybar
Mugen Front Strut Bar
Mugen Rear Strut Ba

Mugen Rear Strut Bar
custom sub boxes and false floor
Black interior swap
Type-R Shift Boot
WINK mirror

  • aznlunatic

    such a nice car, sad to see it go. Can’t wait to see the next build.

  • DC517

    Next car is gonna be sickk!

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  • Anon

    too bad its not a DC5….

    its an auto….

  • Mark Bello

    He was never about function or go fast so it doesnt matter if its an auto…